How AI can help you

How AI can help you

Artificial intelligence can help pinpoint which products your readers will be most likely to buy based on behaviors it can identify. These tools can make predictions based on which pages of a website have been visited, which products have been purchased in the past, what keywords and phrases are being typed in that show buyer interest and intention, and even the reviews that have been left online.

For example, if you are in the survival niche, an A.I. tool can gather information about reviews and can spot patterns where consumers are talking about features and benefits that are most important to them.

When it comes to a bug out bag, it might notice that most consumers talk about the capacity it can hold, its durability, and how much it weighs. Now that it has that information, it can go out and find the best products for you to promote based on what your niche audience is focused on.

It can even look at the results and find products that will complement the main item being reviewed. When you look at the example of the bug out bag, the A.I. tool would take information that is important to the consumer, such as weight, and find other items that might work well in the review such as lightweight tents.

Your Affiliate Reviews Will Be More Comprehensive with A.I. Input

Comprehensive reviews are almost imperative if you want to get ranked well in search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engines like Google are not interested in sending their users to pages that will be unsatisfying to visitors.

You can use A.I. tools to help ensure your content answers all of their questions and addresses every feature and benefit that the consumer is looking for. It can even gather information about drawbacks and help you present those along with a solution so that it doesn’t detract from your ability to earn commissions.

By using artificial intelligence to help you compile a comprehensive review, you’ll be improving the trust your visitors have in your content, and also appeasing search engines, such as the requirements laid out in Google’s Helpful Update.

You can leverage artificial intelligence by asking it to analyze consumer reviews, frequently asked questions, and even upload your finished product so that you can have it pinpoint any areas that you have failed to address.

A.I. Can Help You Optimize Your Reviews for Search Engines and Social Platforms

Gathering information and writing reviews for your audience in a comprehensive manner is just one part of the equation to achieving affiliate marketing success. You have to make sure that your reviews are optimized for both search engines and social media platforms.

One way that A.I. tools can help with this is by providing you with the best keywords to use in your content, your blog post title, and within the header tags as well as file names of any elements that are in your content.

It can look at your review and determine whether or not your audience is going to be able to navigate the information with ease. If there are any formatting issues, it can help you pinpoint those and fix them.

For example, if your content is too large, it can suggest the best way to break it up using bullet points and shorter paragraphs that will improve the readability and navigation for your readers.

It can even help you write certain code, like your alt tags for images and your meta descriptions that can be helpful in getting click throughs on your listings in the SERPs. For social media, a good A.I. tool can compile hashtags that can be used to attract the best target audience.

Your A.I. Tools Can Repurpose Your Reviews for Wider Reach

Getting the most mileage out of your product reviews is an important part of fueling your success as an affiliate marketer. You can rely on A.I. tools to help you and your repurposing efforts so that your content gets more reach, and you ultimately earn more commissions.

These tools can help you come up with different slants for your content. For example, if you have written a product review for a specific piece of exercise equipment, and your primary slant is weight loss, and the A.I. tool can come up with different issues you might want to slant it for – such as people with joint problems, etc.

You can even run your current review through a system and have it help you identify areas that you need to change the language so that it fits better with a certain demographic, such as slanting it for women instead of men.

An A.I. tool can also help you repurpose your content into new media formats. You can take a blog post that is written in text and have it come up with a storyboard for a video slideshow that you screen capture and upload to YouTube.

While you shouldn’t use artificial intelligence to do all of your work for you as an affiliate marketer, it is very beneficial in doing some of the preliminary work needed to ensure you are understanding your target audience, delivering the right products to them, and getting your content seen on social media and search engines alike.

You’ll be able to create the most effective promotions possible based on patterns and behaviors it has identified that you may not be aware of. You can come up with a system of leveraging these A.I. tools from the brainstorming process, all the way through to traffic generation.