Writing High Converting Affiliate Product Reviews

Writing High Converting Affiliate Product Reviews

Finding a high paying commission program and a top quality product is not enough to guarantee that you will earn any money from your promotions. You have to make sure that the content that you write to review the product is going to convert well for you.

Many affiliates are not well versed in crafting product reviews. All they do is the bare minimum of capturing the same details that are on the listing page or sales page and pasting it into their own review.

But the consumer is hoping to get more from your content. They can go to the listing themselves and read all of the factual details about what is included in a product or what benefits it provides.

What they want from the affiliates that they follow is someone who understands their needs, and can convey accurately whether or not this product is going to fulfill them for them.

They want you to be honest and transparent about whether or not there are any drawbacks to the product. This does not necessarily sabotage the cell. In fact, being upfront with your readers is one thing they will appreciate.

When you write your review, you need to address their pain points and their goals and discuss how the product can serve them well. You want to write content that supplements what is already on the listing or sales page, and come up with innovative ways to use the product or benefit from what it has to offer.

It helps if you can back up your opinion with some sort of research or statistics. If you own the product, you may want to make a video review such as an unboxing video review or even snap some pictures that will share more detail about the product.

If you are promoting a digital product, then you may want to include some screenshots, as long as it does not give away any of the important product information that the vendor is selling.

Although you will be providing a link to pass the customer through to the sales page or listing, you still want to include a sense of urgency or use a strong call to action that entices the reader to click through and make their final determination on whether or not to buy the product.

As an affiliate, you will be able to slant your product reviews in a variety of different ways. You can review one single product, pit two products against one another, or even use a popular list format where you name the top 10 products for a niche purpose.