30 Day marketing Plan 21-30

30 Day marketing Plan 21-30


Day 21: Publish Your Post to Your Blog

You’ll want to publish your post by carefully checking to make sure it appears the way you want it to. Bold your subheadings, use underlined hyperlinks and make sure there’s enough white space so that your readers don’t feel bogged down in paragraphs that are too lengthy.

When you publish the first review, make sure you use appropriate and relevant tags for the post and put it in a category that helps visitors to your site find it at a later date. For example, if you’re writing about a toy that teaches kids how to tell time, you might categorize that under learning toys or educational toys.

Day 22: Socialize Your Product Reviews Online

After your first (and subsequent) reviews are live, you want to socialize them by sharing the links to them online wherever it makes sense. You want to share them where your audience resides, whether it’s Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or elsewhere.

Day 23: Add the Review to Your Email Autoresponder

After your review is live, you’ll also want to add it to your email autoresponder – whether you’re using a broadcast or follow up email. The key is to send your subscribers to the review so they can absorb the information and guidance, and hopefully follow your recommendations and convert into a sale.

Day 24: Create a Video Review of the Text Version

Most product reviews by affiliates are text-based, mixed with images. But you also want to create a video review of the product whenever possible. YouTube is the second largest search engine online, so this can generate quite a bit of traffic for you.

Day 25: Upload a Graphic to Represent Your Review on Image Social Sites

If you don’t already use it, you may want to utilize a tool like Canva to create graphics that can represent your review on social media sites and apps like Pinterest and Instagram as well as to create image-based thumbnails for your video reviews. You can put an image of the product with wording that goes along with it so it stands out among your competitors.

Day 26: Start a Simple Podcast to Drive Traffic to Your Reviews

Don’t underestimate the power of the podcast. You can create free podcasts on sites like Anchor.fm – and they don’t have to be live shows with a call-in audience, either. You can create episodes that discuss problems your target audience is having where you not only motivate them, but also share insight into products that may help.

Day 27: Secure Review Copies to Create In-Depth Reviews

If you’re working with a niche that has ample digital products, you may want to begin the process of networking with vendors so that you can get your hands on review copies (sometimes before a launch) that will allow you to cover more ground with your review.

If you are reviewing tangible products, you might want to invest some money into buying items you can afford so that you can review them with a hands-on approach. Whenever you earn money on the sale of products you recommend, set aside a bit to reinvest in product purchases for future reviews.

Day 28: Brainstorm Bonus Measures You Can Take to Increase Earnings

Bonuses can set you apart from competing affiliates. If there’s a digital product launch and you have a nice guide or eBook to offer as a bonus when they buy through your link, they may choose you over someone else who merely told them to go buy the product.

Day 29: Create a List of Future Reviews to Be Created

Most affiliates do some record-keeping so that they know what products they’ve reviewed and for what problems, so that they don’t duplicate them later. You can categorize it by the problem, the brand, the price point – or any other important measures you want to sort it by.

Day 30: Assign a Publication Date and Writing Schedule

Savvy affiliate also whip up a publishing schedule by spending a day or so mapping out what they want to cover. This way, you can start each day knowing what content you’ll be creating without having to sit and brainstorm.

Don’t overestimate what you can do. It will only cause you stress and frustration if you make demands of yourself that you know you can’t handle, such as trying to write 5 product reviews per day, seven days a week.

Being a successful affiliate marketer does take a bit of time to allow your brand to become recognizable and the trust to build with your target audience. Be patient and consistent with your action steps and soon, you’ll be scaling your profits easily

30 Day marketing Plan 21-30