Niche affiliate marketing tips

Niche affiliate marketing tip #1

When picking a product to promote, you should not just look at the payout. Of course, you want a product that will be worthwhile promoting money-wise, but it also needs to be a good fit for your audience. It needs to convert. And most of all, it must do all the things it says on the box. If you promote junk products, your reputation as an affiliate marketer can become tarnished.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #2

Start a Facebook group for your niche audience. Groups are a powerful free way to grow and nurture a community of like-minded people. Just remember to share content daily and interact with your group members’ comments. The aim is to build that all-important bond of trust and keep them engaged! Just be genuine and when you have something cool to offer them, post it to your group. You can see massive conversions from a well-nurtured Facebook group.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #3

Are you using Instagram to grow your audience? Instagram is one of the top social networks online so if you’re not using it, you’re missing out. Instagram is a very visual-based platform so you need to be feeding your audience photos or images related to your niche regularly – daily if possible.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #4

How can you add credibility to your brand or business? How can you attract more attention to you and your products? The answer is with VIDEO! Make and add video to your website and your social profiles. Unique, interesting video content is best. And make sure you watermark that stuff! If it gets shared around, you want everyone to know that it came from you. The internet loves video and by using it, it will help build your relationship with your audience and give you an upper hand over your competition.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #5

You don’t have to be a Youtuber to be successful on Youtube. And if you’re not using Youtube for your affiliate marketing, you’re missing out on a massive source of free targeted people. Go and start a Youtube channel today. Upload videos frequently. If you don’t want to be on camera, that’s fine. Pay someone to make the videos for you. Or, use software like Content Samurai to create videos quickly and easily. Youtube is an ideal platform for affiliates to build a big audience and create a bond of trust.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #6

You don’t want to look like a shady, amateur affiliate marketer, so use links that come off your domain! You really need to be tracking your links too, not just hiding your long affiliate links. You can do this using a link tracking tool like clickmagick or linktrackr that track and redirect links from your domain name. Tracking is an absolute must if using paid ads, and it helps you look more professional too by disguising your obvious affiliate link. It also offers a layer of protection from people bypassing your affiliate link. And if you ever need to swap out the link, you can do it easily without disturbing the link you’ve published.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #7

Why should people buy from you and not from your competitor? It can be a competitive game if you’re promoting a popular product. You have to win your prospect over and one of the best ways is to do a review of the product you’re promoting. Make sure it’s sincere and in-depth. You can do a blog post about it or a video review or both. Reviews are very powerful!

Niche affiliate marketing tip #8

How can you get a leg up on the competition? One of the biggest conversion boosters is to offer a bonus with whatever you’re promoting. It’s best if it’s completely unique. It can be any type of product that is of value to your customer. If you combine the power of a review and bonus together, you’ve got a recipe for a highly successful affiliate marketing campaign.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #9

The biggest mistake that affiliates make is that they send cold traffic – as in, buy ads – to their raw affiliate link and don’t promote themselves or their brand first. While it is possible to make sales of an affiliate product by sending traffic directly to your affiliate link, you are missing out on the opportunity to build your brand and audience. I highly recommend that you send cold traffic to a page that has some branding and/or audience building power for yourself first. It might seem counter-intuitive to add an extra step, but it will help your conversions and your business over the long run.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #10

Do you know the creator of the product you’re promoting? It’s a great idea to get in touch personally with the creator of the product. Business-to-business relationships are extremely valuable online. Get in touch with the creator of the product and make yourself known. They might be able to give you some tips for promoting, and who knows, you could even end up doing an interview with them and use that for content for your audience.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #11

Is email marketing dead? Thankfully NO, it isn’t! Email marketing or ‘list building’ is still one of the most powerful ways to sell stuff online and if you’re not collecting emails and building a list, you’re missing out on a reliable way to make sales. There are dozens of easy-to-use email marketing systems like Aweber, GetResponse, etc. that are fine for affiliate marketing. The easiest way to start building an email list is to set up a simple 1-page website. Offer something for free, slap an opt-in box on it to get email addresses; and put the download link in the first follow-up email. Simple as that.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #12

Yes, Facebook groups are hard to beat at the moment for social hangouts but there are still very niche specific forums/message boards that have been around for ages and still have an active community. Do a search on Google for forums related to your niche and start interacting there. There are people out there on various different platforms!

Niche affiliate marketing tip #13

When you want traffic on command, there is no faster way than to buy it. The big paid ad networks are Google, Facebook and Youtube. You can get all the traffic you need from them. But, Bing ads and Yahoo are other networks not to be ignored. Keep in mind though, that these big networks have a lot of competition so I recommend you study up on paid ads and start small when you jump into these places.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #14

Don’t overlook the smaller ad networks – in particular, niche-specific ad networks. There might be a small ad network that tailors to your niche. These will typically be less crowded so you should be able to get cheaper clicks. One place to check out is for a variety of niches to advertise in.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #15

I’ve never met anyone who likes throwing money down the drain! So avoid wasting money on ads by testing them first! Start small, with a few ads. Keep a sharp eye on them – several times a day – and stop the poorly performing ads. Keep the winning ads and try to replicate them using different targeting/keywords.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #16

Affiliates beware! Some products will be here today and gone tomorrow! Shock horror! This is bad news for affiliates so keep this in mind when selecting a product and setting up campaigns. If you post links that will be around online forever, you should use a link cloaking tool so you can change the link out if you find that the product no longer exists, and redirect that link to a product or page that works.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #17

Your own website. Do you have one? It’s all good to post on Facebook and Youtube but what about your own web property, like a blog? This is a sure-fire way to stay in business if Facebook or Youtube ever decide to shut down your account. Plus, having your own website goes towards your credibility as a marketer. Get a domain name, hosting and install Worpdress. It’ll cost about $20 to get started. Now, you’ll have your own piece of the web.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #18

Need an extra boost of traffic fast? Check your favourite social media platform and compile a list of ‘Influencers’ in your niche that you could set up a deal with to promote your website, page or affiliate link. ‘Influencer marketing’ is an easy way to get burst of highly targeted eyeballs on your links fast, at a relatively cheap price.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #19

Does your #1 selling product have competing products? Chances are that your customers are also checking out those other competing products. It’s very effective if you do a ‘comparison’ blog post or video of the top similar products. This will help your customer to become more educated about the products. And sometimes, they just need a little bit of a friendly push to decide which product to buy.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #20

It’s tough to create content for your audience all the time. Your audience craves your content on a daily basis. So how do you keep up? Outsource! Almost any job can be outsourced. You only have 24 hours in a day, and you also want to have a life off the computer so you need to outsource. Check sites like Fiverr or Upwork to get jobs done for you, big, small and anything in between.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #21

Is your website fast? Did you know that slow websites kill conversions? If you are doing any type of affiliate campaign like a review or list building, you have to make sure your pages load super-fast. Get good hosting or use a third-party “page builder” like Convertri or Click Funnels which have fast page load speeds. This is actually more important than most marketers think!

Niche affiliate marketing tip #22

Youtube ads! Yes, you know you can advertise on Youtube too, right? And did you know you can do some extremely precise targeting with it? You can get right down and select certain channels and even certain videos to have your ads displayed. But like all paid traffic, it’s best you do some study and learn more before diving in.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #23

What’s better than free, quality targeted traffic that is actually looking to buy your product? Well, nothing, duh. Sound like a pipe dream but it is possible to get Google and other big search engines to send you consistent, high quality, buyer-intent traffic, for free. If you can optimize your web page for your chosen search term, Google may kindly rank your page on the first page of their search results. This is known as SEO; or Search Engine Optimization. There is quite a bit to SEO and there is stiff competition for the #1 spot on Google, but the traffic is there in abundance, and it’s all free.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #24

Have you given it your all but still can’t manage to make a profits from your niche? Maybe it’s too competitive, or too small and not enough customers? It’s hard to know when to cut your losses and move on to another niche. But sometimes it’s necessary to let it go. Don’t worry because you will know what to do better the next time around. Remember, Edison failed thousands of times before he successfully created the light bulb!

Niche affiliate marketing tip #25

What exactly are native ads? And do they actually work? For many niche affiliate marketers, they are the #1 go-to method for advertising. Native ads are the ads you often see at the bottom of a website, underneath an article which looks like a regular link to another article. That’s the magic of native ads. They don’t look like ads. And the trick is to send them to an article on your website that is actually a cleverly written ad, with your affiliate links throughout it.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #26

News flash! Most people are lazy! Your customers are lazy. They often don’t want to scroll down the page to see what you’re talking about. So here’s a secret. Put your affiliate links at the top and at the bottom of your blog post, review page, email, Facebook post, etc. Make them big and easy to see. You’ll be surprised at how many more clicks you get on your links when you do this.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #27

Sometimes you need to spy on your competitors to stay in the game. There are always new products coming online to promote in your niche. And your competitors are always coming up with new interesting, surprising and sometimes gimmicky yet effective ways to promote. It’s always a good idea to try new things, especially if sales are slowing down. You should look at what affiliates are doing in different niches to your own too. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and see some things you’ll be able to do with your own campaigns.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #28

Ok, so you’re making a ton of content on a daily basis, but are you getting the most out of it? Why not take your blog post and make a video with it, or vice versa. Turn it into an email that you add to your autoresponder. Another idea is to turn your post into a PDF or Powerpoint and upload them to file sharing sites. But it doesn’t stop there. After you have written 10 articles for your blog, you can compile them into an ebook and sell it. This is known as “repurposing” your content. It’s all about working smarter and getting the most out of your time and energy!

Niche affiliate marketing tip #29

How much do you really know about your niche? Are you an expert? If you’re not, you’ve got to be; or use content created by an expert. Hiring a writer or using Private Label Rights a.k.a. “PLR” content is a top idea. Your customers are looking to you for your expert knowledge and opinion about which product to use. They want to know the good, bad and the ugly about the product or service that you’re recommending. The more you can inform them, the more they’ll trust you. The more they trust you, the more they’ll buy.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #30

Affiliate marketing is a lot like a science experiment. It really comes down to testing! You’re after the best conversions for your advertising dollar and time spent. It’s a process of trying and testing different elements in your campaigns and finding the winning formula. Things to test are your ad copy, your landing pages, your ad image, your keywords, your on-page layout, your bonuses, your review style, etc. If you don’t see sales right away, it doesn’t mean it’s a dud product or a dud ad. It just means you’ve found a combination that didn’t work. You’re getting closer to success with every experiment.

Niche affiliate marketing tip #31

So, what happens when you get someone to click on your link and they see your blog post or review but they still don’t buy?! It’s not the end of the world because you can actually follow them around the web with a retargeting ad campaign! Facebook, google and most other large networks will give you the tracking code to put on your web page so it’s just a matter then, of setting up a retargeting campaign. There are services that will simplify the process, like Adroll, that you can use. ‘Retargeting’ traffic is some of the best ROI traffic you will get!